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Meet and date a gay man, discuss with open-minded gays around you on 1man, the Luv u all guyzzz:) n ba d way guyz m frm northeast shillong meghalaya.

The newsletter is pretty long. But in the middle of reading it I realised that maybe this whole thing is also about me?

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Maybe I am also too pushy, or maybe my relationship is not going anywhere. Thing is, my lovlies, that every relationship is different, we are all in different circumstances, we have different characters and for goodness sake! The guys are all different. Yes, maybe in the past this situation that Mr Carter described in his newsletter happened to me, but it is not said that it will happen to me again. It is not said that HE is the same as the others and he proved so many times that he is not.

Third reason is that many times before after reading his newsletters he made me paranoid to the point where I started to panic and made so many mistakes and said some really stupid shit, only to see the guy flee. And the fourth reason is — the money. My relationship advice to you is that: YOu will end up broken hearted, but you will learn a lesson or two and will go into another relationship wiser and more careful. It will not help you, it will destroy what you already have. Remember, internet dating advice is like reading about your symptoms and diagnosing yourself with cancer.

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The Formerly Unfortunate Virgin Navigating adult relationships, trying new things, and being a better me. The Blind Cat From the founder of www. Accidental Masturbator Not just another sex blog. The difference between masculine and feminine energy and how to use it. Does he freak out when you mention his feelings?

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Men have a secret button you can push to make that happen. Want to stand out among other women. Learn how to use this button. Women do feel an emotion called attraction bad boys. Kissing up, convincing and being nice can kill attraction.

After you were intimate with him a few times you told him how felt and he took it as you wanting a relationship. Be and stay in control. Your fears are taking over your emotions. This is a crash course in dating and four ways to lead to love and happiness. Not friends with benefits. Know how attraction works for him.

Great impressions from the start. Men make judgments about you. Create a deep connection with him and you will attract him with no games. Create something more than physical attraction. Do you hold them in until they explode? These huge mistakes can easily cause unwanted drama. How you talk to a man about the relationship can be a huge mistake. Do this for positive results instead. Understand what goes on inside his mind. What causes you to make this mistake. Are you hiding your feelings from him? These a huge mistakes which cause unwanted drama.

Success in dating and relationships. Relying on his potential. Assuming you get men. Sharing how you feel too early.

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Expecting a relationship to make you happy. Trying to convince him to like you and a few more.

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These are the most common. Avoid them for success. Why negative thoughts or beliefs are limiting your success in relationships and love. Identify your problems by becoming aware of them so you can begin to change them. Limited beliefs, secret excuses, getting results, being aware for more power, and lighting the dark spots of yourself and your relationships with men. Get the best approach in your conversations with him. Maturity areas to look for in his life are his job or work, his family, and his friends.

Ever wonder how some women have no trouble finding a man who is willing to commit? His life is better with her in it. Three areas of maturity to look for from a man which will tell you about his commitment ability. How to maintain your power in the relationship. He wants you to be selective, it makes him want you more. Why and how that happens. Make him think it was his idea to commit to you, Having the right attitude changes everything for you and your man. Understand his commitment time. Create a positive foundation. Get him to experience the good moments. This is why talking about your relationship could hurt it.

They start with courtship. Move to the uncommitted relationship. And then along to the committed relationship. Learn what to do at each stage with a guy. Find out what all 15 are and what you can do about mastering those moments with men. Inside the mind of men shows you how understanding men in every way can and will help you to attract men.