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If it's a selfie of yourself with no shirt, that seems like you're just showing off and probably too focused on physical appearance for me. It'll make me likely skip by. I'd either think you're clearly only looking for a hump and dump situation or you're incredibly into yourself Shirtless selfie in bathroom mirror: Even worse if you're flexing one arm. When I was online dating this put me off so much. I'm not exactly sure why, but I think it's because it smacks of trying too hard. When someone has a shirtless shot as their main picture I instantly disqualify them, especially if it's just a disembodied torso.

Online dating shirtless pictures

Like, if the photo shows them doing something that requires shirtlessness, for example swimming, then that's more okay than them standing in front of a mirror. But generally I'm put off by really toned dudes cos I assume they won't be keen on my fat ass. So it's also the physique that puts me off, not just the photo itself.

That second part, you're not attracted to them because you think they wont be attracted to you? So you if a toned guy hit on you in the street would you par him off? I'm not attractive so I question the motives of any attractive person who would hit on me without knowing me. I'm not interested in guys with shirtless pictures.

I assume they're far too cocky for my tastes. It's more fun to find that stuff by surprise, but I can kind of understand being proud of your body to some degree. Be warned, those kind of pics make a lot of people skip on by because they think you only want sex. If you are trying to satisfy your ego by getting a lot of responses from women who only care what you look like with your shirt off vs what you can say about yourself as a human being through a quality profile, then you'll be successful.

Otherwise you may be better off keeping the quality profile and getting to know women who give a shit about what you have to say instead of how many abs you have. I guess it depends on what you want out of the interactions. Meeting someone who actually wants to connect with you as a person and not just a body? Maybe not so much. However, a shirtless pic took at the beach or somewhere else a guy would usually have his top off?

I tend to make unflattering assumptions about them I'm not currently dating and haven't for a long time but nevertheless, BAD.

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I can almost guarantee that if you're looking for a meaningful relationship, the deluge of women who pounced on you after the douchey picture are not what you're looking for. Stick to the respectable profile.

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As someone who's only in average shape, I'd skip any profile with a shirtless buff guy on the assumption that I wouldn't meet their physical standards. Also, personally, I'm not into lots of muscles. I find neither the aesthetics nor the lifestyle behind them attractive.

My guess would be that most of the women messaging you because of your shirtless pic are looking for something shallow and aren't great matches. If that's what you're going for Otherwise I'd say that the few responses you get without the pic are probably worth more than all the responses with the pic combined.

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No, the lifestyle of focusing on that to an extreme is unattractive. Visible abs require a lot of effort and dedication. My ex had them. He spent almost two hours in the gym every day and adhered to a very strict diet. It had a negative impact on our relationship because his schedule for working out and eating was so rigid. People with that level of investment in fitness should be with each other. I have abs and they take 15 minutes of work, three times a week. The rest of me is in decent shape and I've never spent two hours straight working out.

Is that his only picture?

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Is his fave in it? If the answer is yes no then he's rejected. I feel like having lots of shirtless pictures is a little narcissistic. Honestly, it make me think that you're either a douchenozzle or a fake account or both. Dudes that take selfies especially shirtless ones are an automatic no for me. Maybe if you have like one tasteful shirt on selfie, I wouldn't immediately pass you up.

If you’re in your 20’s please stop reading

If you only have selfies it tells me you don't have much of a social life and you aren't going out and doing much. My dating range is and if you are in your late twenties to early 30s and still taking shirtless selfies then we are not on the same page. I did the online dating thing. Met my fiance there.


I would NOT look through profiles with shirtless dudes. To me, an overly sexual picture would imply that they are looking for sex. Is it just one of many? Is the guy at the beach or doing something other than just posing in front of the mirror? He'll get a pass. It also completely depends on what I'm looking for.

I want to see a shirtless pic. Also, I did a similar thing. Put up a face pic, virtually no replies. I've had some question why I had no ab 'self shots', I'm pretty sure those girls were in the minority however. It doesn't really change what messages get left, but at the same time I don't think online dating is really big in the city I live in. What happens if its not the profile pic?

I have a pic of me running in a spartan race, but its like an action shot and I have a goofy smile in it. Also don't have a god tier body, above average I would say. Posing in front of a mirror in a selfie? Shows that you're arrogant and that you have no friends to take a photo of you. Even if it's in context, to me, it says something to me about you and the attention you're after. It's the same thing if I see a woman with full on cleavage in a head shot. Your picture reflects the type of person you're after. I passed shirtless pics because I immediately think "I'm not your type".

I don't necessarily think it's a good or bad thing. But it can work as a filter for a lot of women who are looking for certain things. I personally would think guys with shirtless bathroom selfies are only looking for hookups, so if I'm not looking for the same I would skim pass you.

On the other hand if I only want a physical relationship I would look out for those types of pics. Not that that's the intention of the guy. For all we know you could just be proud of your body but are wanting a serious ltr. It just gives off the wrong vibe is all. In the bathroom mirror selfie? It really is an automatic next. Other things I look for is his decor in the background, I avoid college dorm-like furniture. But it's not a dealbreaker like the shirtless selfie Ok I don't mind if in a set of many pictures there is one shirtless shot.

If he has a really neat chestpiece, then and only then do I find it acceptable. And even then it shouldn't be his profile pic. If I'm just looking for a casual hookup, and he does actually have a nice body, then ab-solutely! Instant no from me. Your 'full inbox, have you acted on any replies yet? What type profiles did the ladies have who responded? Male here - I would say shirtless pics are generally bad to send or post in the context of internet dating. I had a bad experience with one.

I only once have sent a picture like this and felt it was out of character for myself. I had made a satirical OKCupid profile and espoused ridiculous beliefs ranging from political conservatism and outright misogyny to scientific ignorance and unabashed chauvinism. I got two messages and one of them was from someone who found the profile hilarious and wanted to get to know me.

I really should have realized she did want to get to know me - intellectually.

But her profile was very specific about ONLY wanting to meeting people for causal sex. I was confused, so I sent her a picture of my face and one picture of me shirtless. I never heard back from her. So I look back on it believing it was a bad idea. The only acceptable shirtless pics to me are like- You're at the beach with your friends, or you're an MMA fighter or some other job that requires shirtlessness.