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Now that I have a pro rated move in amount I may not be able to move in until they get everything settled. Which means I'm wasting money. If there was another option for an energy company I would choose them. My leasing company has never had this happen to anyone. I live with my relatives.

They own the house.

NV Energy Smart Thermostat Error

Recently had solar panels installed since they were grandfathered to do so. After installing smart meter which is mandatory for having the panels and for savings on bills, well, this meter changes the thermostat temperature on its own, making it really hot. My ears have been ringing nonstop ever since.

Dogs in the household are lethargic, one of my relatives is constantly tired. My relatives are elders. And the last bill is already higher when it suppose to save you money.

64 NV Energy Consumer Reviews and Complaints

It doesn't show the panel are producing enough energy to be efficient and save money like it was promised. Where is that panel energy going? Can anybody pls let me know? We can't find it anywhere.

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I had my air conditioning go out unexpectedly, and they have ridiculously long wait times on the phone, plus when you finally do get someone, they just put you on hold again, because they don't seem to have anyone who knows what they are doing. Had a technician call to say he was 15 minutes away, then call back to say he wasn't coming, then the customer service rep said there were no notes on my account, and now my scheduled service appointment window has passed, and I'm on hold with customer service, again.

This company is really bad.

But what choice is there. NV Energy has less than 2 weeks before they send out a 10 day shut off notice. I have paid my bills on time and over the amount for years. I recently fell on hard times and got behind. I was shocked to find that if you fall behind after being 10 days late they send you a disconnect notice. I have now been late twice in a year. They tell me if I am late again 2 more times I will have to give a deposit.

This after living at my house over 10 years! What does it take to build credit with this company? Today is the 28th. My bill is due on the 6th. Today on the phone I told the operator I couldn't pay it until the 22nd. He said a 10 day disconnect notice would go out on the 12th. That's the grace period, 6 days? I'm not trying to skip out on paying. I just don't have it right then, just 16 days after the due date. Not 30, 45, just 16 and you send a disconnect after 6 days? I get that it costs money for power, that's not my complaint. It's the billing and the no tolerance rules for payments, it's ridiculous.

There are a lot of people out there just trying to make it. The last thing they need is their power shut off, and then trying to get back up, they add more fees, deposits, etc. They try to brag about how good they are for the community, they are a joke. So, like everyone else I am hating my "Smart" thermostat.

I have come to a point of common sense and realize that it is NV Energy that is pretty smart to sell us idiots this horrible device. Giving away our power to set a temperature that is comfortable and affordable was a terrible mistake.

We were all promised a savings on our bill, but I do not know one person who has had a lower bill after have this device installed. Instead we all gave away our power to choose and NV Energy is laughing all the way to the bank! NV Energy may be a super request power But what's right is right and there is nothing right about this! I am finally having my thermostat removed.

Then I am going to get my usage records from NV Energy for the last 5 years. And if there is no discount as promised, I intend to request a refund, and start a class action lawsuit against them!

The Truth About Energy Choice

Join me in the fight! It is time for us to stand together and hold them accountable rather than just complain about it and do nothing. Contact me if interested in doing more than just leaving a review. We can win if we stand together!!! My electricity got shut off again. Three months in a row.

Top 64 Reviews and Complaints about NV Energy

We paid the past due but didn't get to make another payment in the timely fashion they wanted so again they turned it off. We don't own a house. We don't have anything worth anything. We are just hard working people who get behind on bills. We do not go to government asking for handouts. Every cent NV Energy receives from us is made by hard work sweat. These jerks have no compassion for the little guy.

For us we have to choose electricity or car insurance. It's apparent we chose something else before NV Energy or we wouldn't be in this mess. Yes they sent us a notice but again how do you choose? Especially when you have children. We are one of millions of people who face this problem every day here in Nevada. I bet Warren Buffett doesn't care two straws about ordinary people like me. Just trying to keep the lights on.

I purchased my home with the mpowered thermostat already installed. When I log in from the mobile site I am able to see my account information, but when I click the desktop link it says my login information is not correct. Then, when I try to access my thermostat through the internet, it also says my email and login information is incorrect.

I am having to adjust my thermostat every hour because thermostat will just automatically adjust the temperature from 75 degrees - all the way up to 83 degrees. And my bill seems to have tripled. I have an appointment to have the thermostat removed, but it is not for another week and it is getting to be an uncomfortable inconvenience having the mpowered thermostat connected to my home. So I called again and was told I could remove the thermostat myself and they will a box to mail it back in, which is what I am going to do.

My power has been disconnected for over a month now. It was originally disconnected due to late payments under my name. My bills were not correct. I had paid for 3 deposits in one year plus the associated reconnect fees. Their office failed to show me where the deposits were applied to my bills. I've been renting 2 rooms out to help pay bills and I made an agreement with my tenant to establish power under their name and to pay the monthly bill in exchange for rent.

They didn't make any payments and disappeared a week before power was to be disconnected. The power was terminated and I was told I had to meet with the investigations department to reestablish power. I was told by this department that I had to prove I had ownership of the house. I should not be liable for that. I am currently unemployed. I worked for Motorola for 28 years until my industry faded out. I am 55 years old and am currently seeking disability due to health issues.

Temperatures have been in excess of to the point that I can't even think straight anymore.

I have filed for energy assistance, I'm still waiting for a case worker. I have pleaded with NV Energy to no avail. I haven't figured how to come up with this money and can't fight anymore. Please, what can I do? We have never received a bill for this amount.

We do not know what it is for other than it is for service provided to a property other than ours.